Those that commit a crime are innocent until proven guilty in our court system.  As such, our system was designed to help keep people out of jail until they can await their trail.  To achieve this, a person will go before a judge and present evidence of their guilt or innocence.  At that time if the judge feels that you should wait in jail until trial, they will issue you a bond.  This bond can be a non-payment bond or one that requires a cash deposit.  In many cases, bailbonds cleveland services are an option you can contact in order to cover your bond.

When talking to bail bond companies like Chuck Brown II Bail Bonds they will learn from you and the court what your charges are.  They will review your bond and if you can come up with a percentage, they will sign off on your bond allowing you to be free till trial.  If you fail to show up to court, then your bond is revoked and you will have to go to jail.

Who can get a bond?

Anyone can get a bond as long as you are not accused of a capital crime or a violent crime.  When looking at your bond, the judge will look at your crime, your criminal history and other factors and then determine if you should sit in jail or get a large bond.

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How can you pay for a bond?

Once given a bond you will need to pay it before you are released from jail.  This can be done by paying cash if you have it, sell or put-up collateral such as property.  The best bond to get if you can is the Personal Recognizance Release.  This is where the judge will just let you go on your word that you will show up to court.  However, this can be rare so expect to pay something out of pocket.