With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, people are becoming used to seeing graphics on the floor indicating where lines should form and how far people should be spaced out in the interest of practicing effective social distancing techniques.

While this is all great for helping people space themselves out and keep their distance, could floor graphics come in handy for something other than communicating social distancing standards?

Marketing on the Floor?

Think about it-most people will look at the floor as they step through a business establishment, and it can be hard to notice a large graphic advertising something. What if you wanted to get the message out about an in-store sale in a place where everybody is sure to see it?

You could think about adding in some “floor space marketing” to describe specials in certain parts of the store, show folks where a line should start for a sale, or something completely different. Use your imagination here-there are so many possibilities you could come up with!

floor graphics

Are They Versatile?

Yes! Floor graphics can be quite versatile, and even easier to apply and remove from the floor. These graphics can usually easily adhere to a surface, whether it is indoor or outdoor. When you are done using the graphic and are ready to remove it, it really couldn’t be any easier. They can be simple to remove, no more difficult than taking a sticker off a page.

Could This Form of Advertising Be For You?

Think about the kind of business you run. If it is one that sees a lot of foot traffic, such as a grocery store, then chances are good that floor graphics could go a long way in your business. Whether you are communicating your store’s standards with dealing with coronavirus procedures or just want to mention some new special in a place where everyone will see it, choosing to have some graphics printed up for your floor could be just the way to go.